Sensei Linda in Hamburg.

Sensei Linda travelled to Germany for the weekend of 6th – 8th October where she led the IOGKF Hamburg Gasshuku.

This is my 12th trip to Germany and it’s wonderful to see so many of the people that I’ve formed firm friendships with over the years continuing on their journeys. Orange belts are now 2nd Dan black belts and leading training themselves! I wanted to focus on basic moving techniques and making them more efficient, with self-defence and Kumite practice in mind. We augmented that with hojo undo which complemented our kata practice.

“Thank you to both Sensei Peter and Sensei Bodo for organising and their hospitality. And many thanks to Sensei Ciara, Nicola and Miki for covering training in Tooting during my absence.

Sensei Linda

All Tooting Students are invited to these international events, and regularly large groups will travel the world meeting karateka within the IOGKF Family… and making life long friends.