Tooting Dojo's Virtual Training

Welcome to the Virtual Dojo!

My name is Linda Marchant and I’m the head instructor. I’m a 7th dan in IOGKF Goju Ryu and my dojo is affiliated to EGKA. I’ve been training in martial arts for 46 years.

I have a traditional dojo in Wimbledon, but because of the coronavirus outbreak, I’m only offering virtual training at the moment – but I’m still following the traditional format, with opening and closing formalities.

To get started, download Google Hangouts Meet from your app store and email me at I’ll send you a meeting invite you can use to join a training session. If you’ve never done karate before, please let me know about your training history and general fitness level. Is there anything that I need to know about, like injuries, so I can adapt things for you?

Please take care when you train. If you’re new to training, take it slowly and feel free to take a break if it gets a bit much! You can ask questions during the session, or email afterwards. Make sure you never train with a fever.

Class schedule

Make sure you join the class five minutes before the start time.

Junior brown and blackbelts
MondayAdult Beginners18:30-19:30
Juniors aged 6+ – all grades18:00-18:30
Adults/cadets – all grades10:00-11:00
WednesdayJunior Beginners (aged 6+)18:30-19:30
Adults/cadets – all grades19:00-20:00
Juniors aged 6+ – all grades18:00-18:30
Adults/cadets – all grades10:00-11:00
Juniors aged 6+10:00-10:45
Adults and cadet brown and blackbelts11:00-12:30
SundayBlackbelts (invitation only)10:00-11:00

Screen fee

If you already pay me by standing order you’ve already paid for unlimited sessions.

If you pay for each training session at the moment, you’ll pay:

  • Juniors – £4 per session or £50 per month, unlimited classes, to be paid by Standing Order only
  • Adults – £8 per session or £80 per month, unlimited classes, to be paid by Standing Order only
  • Overseas students – please contact Sensei Linda Marchant for more info.

Get set up before the session

  • Download Google Hangouts from your app store.
  • Send an email to telling me which sessions you’d like to attend.
  • I’ll send you a private link to the session and the payment details to pay the fee. The link is personal to you. Please don’t forward it.
  • Find a good place to train in your house. About two square metres would be ideal.

Joining a class

  1. Click the link in the invitation 5 minutes before the start time
  2. Mute your microphone and switch off your camera
  3. Train hard!

Who else can join?

If you have friends or family who are right age for the session you’re joining, they’re welcome to take part in the same room (at no extra cost) – but remember social distancing principles and don’t invite people round specifically for training.

Virtual Training Q&A

Do I need a martial arts licence?

You don’t need a licence for the first three training session, but after that you’ll need to get a licence by becoming a member of EGKA.

What do I wear?

A karate gi (if you have one) or gym kit. If you’d like to buy a gi, you can get one from Blitz or Bytomic.

How much space do I need?

About two square metres.

What if I have an injury?

Make sure you let me know, so I can help you adjust. Please take advice from your doctor/physio about what you’re allowed to do and how you should take care of the injury during training – for example, avoiding certain moves or stances. Never train if you have a fever.

Can I join a class late?

You might need to wait until there’s a suitable pause in the training for the instructor to let you join.

Can other people join me on the same screen?

Yes – they’re covered by your fee – but they must be members of your household, in line with the government guidelines on social distancing, and the right age/grade. Anyone who joins will need to get an EGKA licence after three training sessions.

Can I grade virtually?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to do a fair assessment online at the moment, and rules on social distancing mean we can’t cover enough of the syllabus. But training virtually means you can still work towards a grading once social distancing is over!

I train in another dojo. Can I still train with you?

Yes, as long has your instructor has agreed to it and contacted me to confirm.

I train in another style. Can I still train with you?

Yes – you’ll need an introduction from a member of EGKA/IOGKF, your instructor’s permission and
confirmation from your instructor.