Karate Class Schedule at Tooting Karate Club

Tooting Karate Club has a weekly schedule of classes. In addition, as part of EGKA and IOGKF, there are monthly, annual and special one-off training classes that you are welcome to attend in addition to the club’s basic training schedule. These may be at other locations in the UK, Europe or internationally and may be taught by other senior instructors such as Sensei Morio Higaonna or Sensei Ernie Molyneux.

Tooting Karate Club Weekly Karate Class Schedule

Annual Karate Courses and Special Gasshuku

Every year, Sensei Higaonna and other senior IOGKF instructors hold Gasshuku (or training camps) and Tooting Karate Club students are able to attend these. Annually there is a major European Gasshuku, an International Gasshuku as well as many other Gasshukus held wordlwide throughout the IOGKF. For the latest listing see:

Prices at Tooting Karate Club

EGKA Licence

It is mandatory to hold an EGKA licence if you are training – this enables you to train at an EGKA or IOGKF dojo, hold an EGKA/IOGKF grade as well as providing personal liability insurance under the EGKA insurance scheme. This is done online via the link below, or you can send a hard copy – follow instructions on webpage. This is not required for the first few lessons but must be submitted by the THIRD lesson. This is compulsory and you will not be allowed to continue to train without a licence.

EGKA Licence Form